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What Fort Worth ISR Families Have to Say About Their Experience...

Testimonials: Testimonial

We absolutely LOVE Kelsey! After a very scary near-drowning experience with my 2 year old at a popular chain of swim school, she made space for us in her schedule and began immediately with my son. I was always scared of ISR because it seemed scary or cruel, but it absolutely isn't. It is empowering, incredible and safe, and Kelsey is warm, knowledgeable, and comforting. It takes commitment and isn't the "easy" choice, but to me is the safest and most effective choice since we cannot protect our children every single second of their lives.

Lucy S.

With the knowledge, gentleness and commitment from ISR Fort Worth, our family has peace of mind knowing our children are safe in water. This approach was gentle, calm and through daily lessons, built our kids' confidence in and around water. We are so grateful for this lifesaving skill.

Karen R.

Worth every penny and every minute. I can't thank Kelsey enough for all the she has done for our kids, and all the kids she has helped. It is truly something magical to see your 14 month old float on his back, or see your 3 year old get himself out of the water wearing his winter clothes and shoes!

Kelsey -- you'll never know all the live you save. Keep up the amazing work!

Travis P.

While I'm not the parent, I am the nanny to 2 girls that took ISR with Kelsey. Kelsey is amazing with those kids! So much patience, love and knowledge! I am definitely more comfortable being in and around the pool with the girls than I was before the lessons. Thank you Kelsey for all you do :)

Jennifer G.

Kelsey is an incredible ISR swim instructor. She is very patient and worked so hard with my 18 month old to help her learn her water survival skills. From the first second of the first lesson, I knew my daughter was in the best, most capable hands. My daughter completed her first set of lessons with a fantastic set of swim survival skills and a respect for the water. We are forever thankful and look forward to refresher lessons & maintenance lessons in the future with Ms. Kelsey.

Amanda O.

I am so grateful for Kelsey and ISR! My four year old was very cautious and still could not swim after two summers of traditional swim lessons. Kelsey was extremely patient and consistent and was just what my daughter needed. She is now confident in the water and I have peace of mind knowing that she has the skills to save herself in the water. We traveled out of town to the beach once my daughter completed lessons a week ago and she was happily floating on her back and swimming in the ocean!

Lindsay T.

Kelsey is absolutely fantastic. She is very skilled and professional to work with. She truly loves her children and can teach them life-saving skills like no other program can.

Kathleen D.

Kelsey was awesome and had so much patience with my guy! The fact that he cried the whole time didn't stop his progress throughout the program. We will be back for maintenance!

Katie W.

So thankful for lessons with Kelsey for my 3 and 4 year olds! I am now confident that they could save their lives in a pool, such a great peace of mind for any parent! Definitely worth every penny and lesson!

Lindsay M.

Kelsey was fantastic...taught my kids life saving skills and we loved getting to know her! Such a sweet person on top of being a great ISR instructor!

Brooke W.

Kelsey is an incredible ISR instructor! She is professional, kind and extremely knowledgeable. In 6 weeks, she taught my son how to swim, float, swim, and she taught my husband and I many strategies to practice with him while we are in the water. Our family recommends ISR with Ms. Kelsey to every child! I am currently 22 weeks pregnant and I’m already planning when this baby will do ISR with Kelsey. ISR is worth the 6 week time & and financial commitment!! Thank you, Kelsey for teaching our son to be safe in the water!

Jenna K.

We feel so much more comfortable around the water because of Kelsey, and our experience with her as our ISR instructor. She made sure our baby (who started lessons at 6 months) had the best experience possible and worked hard to ensure she was fully skilled for the summer season. She is now 1 year old and we just saw Kelsey for a maintenance lesson. It makes me feel so good that these skills have stayed strong, and I know that’s because of Kelsey and her commitment as an instructor.

Bailey L.

Kelsey did a great job squeezing both of my kids in for refresher lessons this summer! She was super patient with my last minute planning, did great with my two and four year old, and helped all three of us feel more confident in the water. I would recommend ISR Fort Worth to anyone looking for a swim instructor. Kelsey is phenomenal!

Laura R.

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