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Instructor Training & Certifications

When it comes to your child, you always look for the most qualified, caring instructors. Infant Swimming Resource (ISR) is no different. Beyond sharing a dedication to safety of children, each ISR Instructor is highly trained and certified to teach ISR's Self-Rescue method. 

All ISR Instructor candidates are carefully screened through extensive interviews before qualifying to earn certification. Once approved, they begin training and studying alongside a Certified Master Instructor, who develops a unique training program that targets each Student Instructor's learning and teaching styles.​ They are monitored and evaluated for their safety and efficiency and must complete stringent recertification requirements annually. 

All ISR Instructors are highly trained both academically and in the water. Each Instructor completes an 8-week intensive training and certification program, which includes a minimum of 80 hours of supervised in-water training. The ISR Instructor training program also includes a challenging education component that focuses on subjects such as child psychology, physiology, and behavioral science. 

Once an Instructor is certified, they are required to complete annual reviews and re-certification to ensure that their skills and techniques continue to meet ISR's high safety standards. They also are certified in Adult & Infant CPR and First Aid.

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